"I was introduced to Lyn and Lasers Consulting and Coaching through an opportunity offered by the J**** University. When I read that she provided trauma-informed coaching, I jumped at the opportunity to work with her - and I am glad that I did. Lyn helped me address aspects of my shadow that were difficult for me to forgive and release, which kept me stuck in outdated self-limiting beliefs. My work with her helped me make space for developing new values and releasing old beliefs and relationship patterns. Lyn is awesome and I am thankful to have her as a mentor.
A.F. from Washington, DC

"Lyn's counseling sessions have provided me with reliable, credible, and encouraging advice during some of the darkest days of my life. Lyn has a way of connecting and relating that extends beyond the counseling sessions. Lyn's professional, poise, and optimistic approach allowed me to see life's trials and tribulations from an insightful and invaluable perspective. Each session builds upon the last session, creating a rejuvenating experience. Lyn has a way of bringing out the best in people. For some, counseling is nothing more than a career but for Lyn it's her calling. Lyn has a passion for helping people unlike anything I've ever seen. I'm extremely grateful and excited and looking forward to our next session together. 
A.S. from Orlando, FL

"Thank you, Lyn, so much for your consulting and coaching work. You were a divine presence in my life when I was overwhelmed, stressed out, and full of anxiety. These issues caused me to suffer serious health problems; I was in chronic freeze. Prior to consulting with you, I’d successfully come out of a deep depression and knew those current issues could undo my progress.

You were kind, attentive, objective, and nonjudgmental. You listened to ALL my concerns and issues. You took the time to address each concern and make me feel heard and safe. With all the delicate traumas I’d faced (past and present), you had the insight to help me see clearly and navigate through each by building action plans you call Heart Work. Some actions were challenging but they were a necessary part of the healing process. By the end of our coaching, you helped me realize how I was hindering my purpose and got me back on track with my purpose.

Words cannot fully express what you did with and for me but know that you helped me and I am forever grateful for you and your healing gift.

C. from Detroit, MI