Lyn has an extensive career that spans over 20 years in the private, public, and nonprofits sectors as a business consultant, behavioral health specialist, and life/transformation coach.  She has also provided training, keynotes, strategic planning, and coaching to corporations, organizations, communities and individuals who face violence related issues, trauma, and chronic stress.  She has worked nationally and internationally with major organizations and hundreds of violence survivors including women, men, and youth, returning citizens, faith-based members, law enforcement, veterans, advocates, and at-risk communities with a focus on solution-based methods for self-empowerment and healing.  She is certified as a transformation coach and in crisis intervention covering areas of emotional intelligence, trauma, vicarious trauma, hypnotherapy, and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to name a few.  Some of her notable clients have included Verizon, law enforcement departments, and faith-based institutions among others. 

Lyn believes that self-care is important and incorporates this into her lifestyle daily and regularly.  You can trust that she is a caring professional who can help empower you and others as she also helps to empower herself in mind, body, and spirit.